Arriving at Neverland

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One of my favourite prints on PYT! 

Arriving at Neverland is really special to me. I took this during a cloudy sunrise in Khao Sok National Park, Southern Thailand. I remember being in complete silence, surrounded by the rolling hills and jagged cliffs of the islets. The clouds hanging low among the lush untouched jungle, and the only sound breaking the silence being that of the monkeys and birds hidden in the trees. I remember having that 'uh ha' moment, where you truly appreciate the peace and calmness found amongst the quiet. A feeling of complete presentness. A moment where time stands still, and the possibility of never growing up, exists.     

If you read this far good on ya! But seriously, I really do feel empowered by each photo I take. Whether it be a reminder to embrace silence, or to harness your strength through that of the world around you. Travelling has taught me many things. But the simplest has been to acknowledge, appreciate, and respect the power and stillness of nature.

Each print comes mounted on a 2mm Styrene board & is ready to be displayed! It can still be framed, or simply mounted to the wall using double sided foam tape (this is my visual preference)!