Charcuterie Board Care

Maintenance Products:

  • Soap
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Food-grade oil that will not go rancid 
  • Food-grade wax finish (this is optional) beeswax based options are good for a finish

Steps to Clean your Board:

1. Clean your Board - use a little soap and warm water (not boiling) to clear your board and then wipe dry. Allow to air-dry to prevent trapping moisture in the board.

NOTE (A): your board may absorb water (a normal process, and as it dry's it will begin to contract)

NOTE (B): Beneficial to stand it on one of its edges to allow the large sides to be exposed to dry.

2. Apply Food-Grade Finishing Oil - not any oil - use a food grade cutting board/butcher block oil. There are many makes online with various food-safe ingredients.

NOTE (A): you can be generous with how much you apply, the whole board should be covered. Allow to sit for 15 minutes and then wipe off excess oil.

3. Optional - Apply Food-Grade Board Wax - Applying wax following the finishing oil can help to create a more durable surface which can reduce how often you need to oil the board.

3. Air Dry - Let air dry on a drying rack with all sides exposed for a minimum of 2 hours (more depending on board size - we recommend leaving it drying overnight after applying finishing oil)




- Wash your board after every use and let air dry 

– Store whatever oil or wax finishing products in cool, dark places

- depending how much you use your board you will want to oil it every 2-4 weeks (generally once a month if frequently used)


– Use abrasive materials on the board (e.g. scrubbing with steel wool)

- Do NOT put it in the dishwasher

- Do NOT let it soak in the sink

– Place your wooden board in direct sunlight or over direct heat

– DO NOT Use olive oil or vegetable oils to season/refinish your board as these will go rancid

DISCLAIMER: the above are suggestions based on our experience and are not the only options available to care for your board. If you are someone with allergens or sensitivities please be sure to look into the ingredients of oils you use to retouch your board as some oils contain different nuts or oils.