About Us

Hello, and Welcome to PackYourThingssss! 

PackYourThingsss was established in 2019 as a dream turned reality. It first began as a place to share stories of travel, through selling photography travel prints - NOW it has grown to encompass mixed media prints, sketches, wooden coasters, art pieces, & charcuterie boards -- all designed and built right here in London Ontario, Canada.



A Bit About our Creators



Hello All! My role with PYTSSS is as a digital creator and photographer. In my photography, my aim is to share with YOU my travel experiences in hopes to inspire your own. My prints are a way for me to draw parallels between nature and femininity. PackYourThingssss is very important to me because it is a dream I have been chasing -- To share with others the inspiration that travel and art has given me in my life. I am very grateful to share my experiences through art. So, to whoever you may be, thank you for taking the time to be here!

- Andrea Jones    


My role with PackYourThingssss is to source our wood locally and to turn that sourced wood into the pieces you find available on our site. Working together with Andrea, we are able to take reclaimed wood from our forest as well as local mills and combine our talents to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces for your home collection. No matter how small or big your idea is for your next custom home piece - reach out and we'll find a way to exceed your expectations!


A Bit about our Wood Collections

The renewed purpose of this website is simple -- We want to deliver you unique products to decorate your homes. Whether it is a print for your home, or a charcuterie board & coaster set to entertain your guests, we hope to bring a unique twist to your traditional home collections.

Charcuterie & Coasters

Our wood is locally sourced in the Middlesex area and handcrafted by our small team (designed by Andrea & crafted by Dakotah) Because of this, we can never guarantee each piece you see on our site will necessarily look the same. Thank you for understanding our mission to only use recycled and sustainably sourced wood, and for being flexible when your piece isn’t the exact shape of what you saw online!

Wood Art Pieces

Our art pieces are designed by Andrea and crafted by Dakotah to bring you something truly unique. Our wood is recycled and sustainable and can range from black walnut and oak, to maple or cherry. Whatever woods are available from our local sources are used to create the pieces you see! 

Mixed Media & Line Sketched Prints

Our mixed media and line prints are drawn and shot by Andrea and aim to draw parallels between nature and people. Line sketches are all 8.5"x11" on cardstock while the mixed media prints are 8"x10" on matte photography paper. Photography prints come in an array of sizes, and were all shot by Andrea on her travels across the globe.